26 January 2011

Google Hiring New Talents and Comers - Join Google! for better Future

If you'r looking for a promising job, then why not Join Google!. Google is hiring new comers in their organization, so if you want to build your career with world's largest and biggest company Google so join it today.
Today, Google post on their blog about latest induction in company. Google announced that they added 4,500 workers in 2010. This number is seems to be high but wait, it still comes second to 2007 when they added 6,000 new people. Now Google wants to expand their business even more and bigger with new employees, claiming this year will top 2007 and become their biggest hiring year in company history. Google says;

"We’re looking for top talent across the board and around the globe and we’ll hire as many smart, creative people as we can to tackle some of the toughest challenges in computer science"

It seems that business must be going good at Google, however, which is buying small sites and startups (including failed attempt for GroupOn) pretty rapidly. The company acknowledged that new hires would work on what they consider startups within Google even though most of last year's hiring took place in engineering and sales. Google was quick to assure that there is a job for any interest.

If you think you’re eligible and wants to join the team, check out google.com/jobs.

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