15 January 2011

Switch To New Facebook Profile Layout Design

Most of the facebook users have already switched to the new Facebook Profile Layout, But not everyone getting the chance to switch to the new facebook profile version. So now facebook is prompting the facebook users to switch to the new Facebook Profile Layout and facebook intimating everyone to do so.

People who haven’t yet chosen to upgrade to the new profile layout will lose that right to choose in a couple of days. Today on top of the home page of Facebook, these individuals were greeted with a note, starting with a bold headline saying, “Coming Soon: Your New Profile.”
Among the key changes in the ''new'' layout are: the addition of a quick summary at the top of each profile which lists at-a-glance details like where you work, where you live, relationship status and birthday; a row of recently tagged photos; a move away from tabs, with previously tabbed items shifted to the left; and more room for family and significant others to be highlighted.
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The note continues, “In the next few days you’ll be upgraded to the new profile, which offers more ways to show and tell your story.” Facebook’s official blog also contains a post about the forced migration to the layouts:

Last month, we introduced the new profile, which now makes it even easier for you to tell your story and learn about your friends. For the month of December, we gave people the option to upgrade to the new profile early, and hundreds of millions of you made the switch. Starting today, we’ll be rolling out the new profile to everyone.
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