15 January 2011

U.S.A. Users Use E-Mails Than Facebook In Mobile: Statistic Report

The Nielsen Company gathers lots of useful and interesting statistics about all kinds of media. Recently it compiled statistics from several recent studies into an intriguing visual map of the U.S.A. media universe as of 2010.

The chart only covers mobile and TV, not radio, newspapers, magazines, books, computer-based web access or other kinds of media that remain popular. Still, it's an interesting glimpse into current American media access and usage trends.

From smartphones to 3D televisions, The Nielsen Company provides a view of the device usage and audiences in the U.S.

Fast Facts:
  • Average Number of TVs per U.S. Household: 2.5
  • Percentage of Americans with 4 or more TVs: 31%
  • Number of Mobile Phone Users (13+): 228M
  • Percentage of U.S. Mobile Subscribers with Smartphones: 31%
  • Number of mobile phone web users: 83.2M
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