03 January 2011

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Hacked, Video

Someone claimed that the Windows Phone 7 marketplace had been hacked by phone hackers, reported at Neowin.net, because phone hackers are now seems to be busy to hack most popular smartphones like Android, Droid, iPhone and now Windows Phone 7 marketplace.

WPCentral reports that they have seen the tool in action. Created by a "white hat" developer, the application is called "FreeMarketplace" and performs the original steps outlined in the whitepaper by;
  • Downloading the entire marketplace using a C# code snippet that was provided
  • Circumventing the maximum application sideload limit, this was originally outlined on WithinWindows
  • Enabling deployment of the disabled XAP files by deleting a file header inside the XAP "Zip" itself
  • Activating the disabled marketplace XAP by replacing an entry assembly (the example used an open source app which had the debug assembly freely available
  • Removing the XAP's security signatures
  • Replacing the marketplace published entry assembly with a facade debug assembly

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