07 February 2011

AT&T Hits back at Verizon Over iPhone 4, SavesMarriage

So what is more important to you? Having an iPhone 4 that might drop calls? Or having an iPhone 4 that saves your marriage?

This seems to be the fine and important question posed by AT&T in its instant rebuttal to Verizon's new iPhone 4 ad that suggests you might finally be able to make a phone call.
This ad offers an insight into how an AT&T iPhone 4 might save a marriage that is just about to run aground.

You clearly work too hard. You clearly neglect your wife--who, strangely, still talks to you in a jolly, mellow tone.

She calls to remind you that it's your anniversary.

Though you have an AT&T iPhone 4, you can hear her. Moreover, given that you have done nothing to reserve a spot at a restaurant, your iPhone 4 lets you tell her how much you care, while busily trying to find a restaurant on the Web.

Will this simple demonstration of how an AT&T iPhone 4 can keep America's social structure together offset Verizon's criticism of AT&T's network structure?
What did you say? I can't hear you.

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