14 February 2011

Motorola to Bring Droid Pro and Xoom to Europe

BARCELONA--Europeans will soon get a chance to buy two of Motorola Mobility's hottest products this year: the Google Android business smartphone, the Droid Pro, and Motorola's Android tablet, the Xoom.

The Motorola Droid Pro.
(Credit: Motorola)
The company announced today at the Mobile World Congress 2011 here that these devices, which are already announced for the U.S. market, will soon grace the shores of Europe.

The Motorol Droid Pro is powered by Google Android 2.2 and has a 1GHz processor with 2GB of internal memory and expandable external memory with SD card up to another 32GB. The phone also turns into a 3G mobile hot spot that supports up to five other Wi-Fi-enabled devices. It comes with a touch screen as well as a QWERTY keyboard designed for users who like the feel of actual keys. This phone is one of the first Android devices made specifically with business users in mind. And it comes with business-friendly apps preinstalled such as QuickOffice, along with security features, such as integrated VPN and remote wipe. 

The Motorola Xoom is one of several tablets that run a new version of Android called Honeycomb that's been designed for tablets. Will it slow down the iPad? Maybe. A little.
(Credit: Motorola)

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