22 June 2011

Drawings show big changes for iPhone 5

The site "This is my next" had this rendering done, based on 
information the site claims to have obtained of the next iPhone.
                                                       (Credit: This is my next)

New renderings of what the next iPhone iteration could look like have surfaced on the site This is my next, and they indicate a major overhaul. Multiple sites claim to have confirmed that the iPhone 5 will not be a simple update of the last generation, but a substantial redesign, complete with a new tapered shape to the case.
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The reports also say the home button will be enlarged, rather than scrapped--which had been another rumor--and that the front of the phone will be almost all screen, lending credence to previous rumors that Apple was working with special rounded glass for this generation. TIMN also speculates that the phone could be able to go global with both GSM and CDMA capability. The site had its renderings done based on information it claims to have obtained from multiple sources. 

This latest rumor contradicts earlier reports that the next iPhone would be little changed from the current model.

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