09 June 2011

Playstation Vita


The World is in Play

Take on opponents across the globe while you take a bus across town. Control every movement with the tap of a finger or blow up enemy fighters soaring through your living room. Some of your favorite PS3 brands, and some new titles developed just for PlayStation®Vita let you discover a gaming experience with no limits. The world is in play.

Brand new ways to play

Transform your world. With front and rear cameras, you can turn kitchen counters into a fight ring or office boardrooms into a battlefield. Augmented Reality (AR) technology for PlayStation®Vita brings your physical world into the PlayStation®

Interact with the world. Wi-Fi and 3G* capabilities pinpoint the location of nearby opponents, send friends on treasure hunts, and keep the world updated on your rank.

Non-stop action. Literally.
 Keep the intensity up at home or on the go. With Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity, you can pick up games right where you left off, even from your PS3 system.

Biggest and best games

PlayStation®Vita transforms the way you experience your favorites titles. Through technologies like the front multitouch screen and the rear multitouch pad, motion-sensors, and augmented reality, PS Vita brings the biggest and best games to life in a whole new way. Coupled with the rich graphics and new social gaming features play your favorite adventures with an all-new spin.

Games & Media

Biggest and best games

The biggest and best titles for the PS3 have gone mobile, taking nothing away in the process. In fact, we’ve added a few new tricks; in Uncharted: Golden Abyss, you can adjust your view simply by titling the screen in the direction Drake is looking. Or Little Big Planet where you can plot your moves through the new touch screen technology. Or, select a club in Hot Shots Golf just by tapping your intended target on-screen. All kinds of new features show up in all your favorite games, all fitting nicely in your back pocket.

Classically inspired. Futuristically engineered.

The latest product design coupled with quintessential PlayStation® features all come together in this flash forward device. Built around a brilliant 5-inch display, every curve was designed for the best grip in mobile gaming. And the unit is ultra-slim and easy-to-carry for a deep & rich level of gaming.

Re-engineering the experience

A closer look at all the technical specs behind the bold new innovation.

PlayStation®Vita innovation has jumped years ahead of the industry with a range of new and immersive features that will literally change the way you play the game. Don’t think of this as the next generation of handhelds. This is the next generation of gaming.

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