25 October 2011

How to switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic?

The new version of Yahoo! Mail is sleek, stylish and fast. But you need a faster Internet connection for better browsing experience. In slow connections you may experience some problems in opening your emails. Are you on Yahoo! too? Not happy with your Internet speed and unable to open your mails? Want to switch back to a previous version or Yahoo Mail Classic? If yes, follow the steps below and switch back to Yahoo! Mail Classic today.

 How to return to Yahoo! Mail Classic:
  • In Firefox go to Tools and open Options.
  • Under the Content tab uncheck “Enable JavaScript”.
  • Open Yahoo mail URL and login using your id and password.
  • A notice will appear saying that JavaScript is needed to be enabled for using the new Yahoo! Mail. There you’ll see two options to return to a previous version of Yahoo! Mail. Choose the first option to switch just for one time or second option to return to a previous version.
  • Now you are back to the classic version.
  • In order to access all web sites properly, don’t forget to Enable JavaScript from the Content tab under Options in Firefox.
  • Refer the screenshot below for help.
    There you go, you're back on the "faster" one.
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