07 January 2011

Windows On iPad

Windows on an iPad
Its been bothering me for quite some time now that many people have beep asking me, if the ipad is running or can run windows..
Windows on an iPad?
First lets define the term "OS" or "Operating System".. OS is the main software that the device runs. Its responsible for the main interface of the device or computer and is also responsible for running all the applications.. The OS must be compatible with the hardware's architecture in order for the system to work..
Most people do not realize that mobile devices, such as cellphone actually also do have an OS too.. Their just usually not mentioned especially if they are proprietary, but they all do have one..
Warning: technical content, skip to the last two paragraph for non techie people:
For example on on x86 and 64bit architecture devices such as your laptops and desktop computers, popular OS that are used are: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Ubuntu and Mac OSX.  For all iphones, ipod touch's and ipads, they all use the operating system called "iOS" which is proprietary and developed by apple themselves.. Thats why ipad can run iphone apps coz they have the same OS.. For nokia's, usually they run symbian S40 for their standard phones and symbian S60 for their smartphones.. However nokia together with intel is developing an new OS for their high end phones called moblin.. For most sony ericsson's they use A100 or A200, which is also proprietary.. Most recent HTC, samsung and motorolla phones have been using Android as their OS.. Android is developed by Google.. Another culprit of confusions is their is that there is another OS for mobile phones which is developed by microsoft called windows phone 7 or old versions called windows mobile..
Note: Windows Phone 7  is different from windows 7!..
So the main and only reason why windows wont run on an ipad is because windows is simply not compatible.with the ipad's hardware architecture.. And yes, Microsoft could modify windows to run on the ipad they wont (ever)..Why would they?!..
Hope that cleared alot of confusion.. For those who havent subscribed to my blog yet, please do.. Its now simplier than ever thanks to feed burner..

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